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The Groovers - The emotion of a dreamer
A picture is something that seizes an instant. A specific moment where you can cut off a feeling for the future. A picture is a place where you can completely hold an emotion. The Groovers are something like a picture. They're that place. Every song is the emption of a moment. An emotion that condenses within itself all the force it generates at its beginning. They're essential. Nothing is too much. Not a note. Not a word. Nothing is secondary. Everything is moulded on a feeling, on an emotion, on a moment opened up in time. It's the world of the Groovers. A world made of different musical traditions, but that somehow are similar. Traditions coming from the American county - from Springsteen to Morphine, passing through Replacements, Long Ryders, Mark Lanegan and Hoodoo Gurus - up to the provincial Italian reality. A reality made of workers clutched at faraway dreams, of hate and love for the little things of everyday. It's a sharp but indestructible power that holds up every song of the Groovers. It's not only words. It's not only music. But words and music together: that's their strength. The story of the Groovers is a long walk on a tortuous and complicated road. A road that took us to a place, walking with songs for the dreamers that live their own moments, their own emotions, their own feelings. That's the place where the Groovers took us after these ten years: the strength and the bravery of living a feeling.

by Matteo Gianola

from Texas: Eddie Russell talks......

" Thanks to my DJ friend in Italy, Massimo Ferro.........I recently discovered the entertaining & inventive music of The Groovers, also from Italy. Thru-out the tracks of the two cds I listenned to " September Rain " & " That's All Folks " .......I heard delightfull hot licks and heart heavy emotion. Combine this with a good time feel in the right spots......and the crafty songwriting of Michele Anelli. Call it roots rock, or Alt-Country......The Groovers hold their on.....& their future look bright in my opinion ".
Eddie Russell Country Eastern / Outlaw For Peace Radio


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Critique [www.musicboom.net] of Aurelio PASINI
The Groovers of Michele Anelli are back. It's one of the most important bands of the Italian roots-rock scene (if it can be defined). "That's all folks!!" is their fourth album. It is different than its predecessors. It is characterized by a clean prevail of acoustic and intimate atmospheres. Best worth of the formation is, to our notice, that of filtering influences typically American, like Bruce Springsteen (there are two covers, Factory and the ghost-track Stolen Car) or Steve Earle (but also the Velvet Underground!), with a sensibility more typically pop.



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